Frequently Asked Questions

Which is closer?

  • The technical definition of “closest to the center” is the straight line distance from the center of the coin to the dot in the center of the coin board. For example, if one coin is exactly on top of another coin, the top coin will be slightly further from the center. The circles on the game board make it easier to compare distances of coins further away from the center.

Is it ok to use both hands while spinning? 

  • Some players prefer to spin the coin using both hands. This is permitted as long as the coin begins within the corner area, and is not lifted off of the board before it is released. 

    Do you get different points for different circles? 

    • No. You get one point for every coin that you have closer to the center than your opponent’s closest coin. 

      If a coin spins off the board can I still play it? 

      • Yes. The sweeper can still hit the coin until it stops spinning regardless of whether it is on the board or not. Players will commonly move items out of the way of the spinning coin to keep the play alive. It is courteous for the opposing team to help move items out of the way as well. 

        What if someone isn’t calling their fouls?

        • If the offending player is not aware of the foul, a teammate may draw attention to it with a raised eyebrow, a nudging of the elbow, or failing all else, a gentle suggestion that the play “was close.”