How to Play

Object of the Game

The object of Coin Curling is to land your coins closest to the center of the game board at the end of each round. The rounds are called “ends,” and the game is over after a specified number of ends- usually 5 or 10.


Unroll the game board and lay it flat on a level table where all players can reach. 

2 Players - For a one-on-one game, distribute 4 red coins to one player, and 4 blue coins to the other. Each player gets a broom.

4 Players - For a two-on-two game, distribute 2 coins to each player. Each team gets a broom. Teammates should have the same color coins and should sit opposite each other.

The team who has been Coin Curling the longest starts. This gives the last coin advantage to the newer players.

Brief Rules 

  1. Spin coin.
  2. Tap once.
  3. Closest coins score. 


  1. To begin a turn, a player holds a coin within their corner starting area and spins it toward the center of the board. The spinning coin is “live”.
  2. Tapping the coin. A player from the spinning team, the “sweeper” is allowed to tap the live coin one time with their broom before it comes to a complete rest.
  3. After the live coin comes to rest, it is now the next team’s turn to spin, and play proceeds alternating shots between teams.

    After the tap, every coin on the board remains where it comes to rest. It is now the next team’s turn, and play proceeds alternating shots between teams. 


    • For good control, wait until the coin is nearly flat before tapping it.
    • For good control, hold the coin up with one finger at the top center and flick on the side edge. The coin will curl in the direction it is spinning.


      After all 8 coins have been played, the end is over. The players determine which coin is the closest to the center of the game board. That team scores one point.

      Continuing outward from the center, the scoring team gets an additional point for each coin that is closer to the center dot than the opponent’s closest coin.

      After the score is determined and recorded on the scoreboard, the board is cleared and play proceeds to the next end. To begin, the team who scored in the last end spins first. It is advantageous to have the last spin in the end, which is called the “hammer” or the “nut.” 

        Winning the Game

        Play proceeds until a specified number of ends have been completed. A recreational game goes to 5 ends and a full game goes to 10 ends.

        The team with the highest total score wins.

        If at any time a team determines that the game is mathematically or realistically out of reach, they have the option to concede.


          If a foul is committed, the offending player calls their own foul. See the Spirit of Coin Curling.

          When a foul has been committed, the non-fouling team has the option to leave the coins as they lie, or to have the fouling team return them to their positions before the foul was committed.

          Fouls Include:

          • Late Sweep - Hitting a coin after it has come to a complete rest
          • Missed Sweep - Hitting a coin other than the live coin. 
          • Interference - Any movement of the coins other than by the shooter and the sweeper. 


            • Occasionally, and especially among new players, a shot is mishit, and the coin does not spin and curl as intended. If the coin does not exit the corner starting area, and does not interfere with any other coins on the game board, it is considered a “scratch” and can be legally picked up and re-shot. There is no limit on the number of scratches. See “Spirit of Coin Curling.”

            Frequently Asked Questions

             Is it ok to use both hands while spinning?

            • Yes. Players may spin in any manner they wish as long as the coin begins within the corner starting area, and it is not lifted off of the board before it is released.

            Do you get different points for landing in different circles on the board?

            • No. You get one point for every coin that you have closer to the center than your opponent’s closest coin.

            If a coin is off the board, is it out of play?

            • At rest - Yes. If a coin comes to rest off of the game board, it is removed from play.
            • Spinning - No. The sweeper can still hit a live coin until it comes to a rest whether it is on the board or not. It is true to the Spirit of Coin Curling for the opposing team to help move items out of the way for the sweeper.

            The Spirit of Coin Curling

            1. Be Nice. Coin Curling is a game among friends. If you are not friends when you start, you will become friends by the time you finish. A typical Coin Curling game will include: generosity, graciousness, courtesy, deference, modesty, decency, humility, respect, decorum, and good sportsmanship.
            2. Have Fun. There is a lot to celebrate and enjoy in Coin Curling. It is fun to see a good shot even if the other team made it. Celebration is encouraged, but it should not be at the expense of other players. When you win, behave as you would like to see your opponent behave when you lose.
            3. Curl Hard. Coin Curling is a competitive game, and games often come down to a single coin. When emotions run high, players should remember that the goal is to exhibit both skill and graciousness at the same time. A player should never white lie, taunt, unnecessarily delay, irritate, or distract another player. In Coin Curling, it is preferable to lose rather than win unfairly.